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The Impossible Machine
Luck or fortune is often
espoused as a discipline of
faith, good-will, or secretive

attributed in such varying
objects as pop-tops,
horseshoes, and clovers

applicable to storage,
every-day carry, and the
fashion of amulets

Here a real-life four leaf
clover is depicted encased
in a double layer of
insulating tape for

The infamous "Fortune's
Wheel" predicts that those
who gain fortune meet with
misfortune, or attract fools

Alternate theories favor
karma as a means to sustain
fortune or luck

These also relate with
notions of conservatism,
long-term versus short-term
values, and the nature of
currency or profit;

E.g. 'what is merit'?
'May fools be ambitious?'
'What is adequate?'
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