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Walls suggest the ultimate
boundaries of life; an absolute
unimpeachable, suggesting
human frailty and immortal law

Stones have a mysterious
imputation as an aggregate of law
forged by designated hands, and
as a means of seperating or
hermeticizing zones of human
relevance or experience


Have relevance in the context of
Plato's allegory of the cave, the
Prometheus myth (immortal /
adamant / adamantine chains);
thus indicators of binds against a
higher life or as restraints against
crossing boundaries beyond the
scope of recovery; while
suggestive of a return to chains
even when life offers superficial
promise (thus a threshold that
may be crossed beyond all
apparent thresholds), they are
also reminders of an implicit evil
in life's reliability


Threads of fate / knots of purpose
/ embroglios are said to be
knotted or snipped by a higher
power or powers  (The Three
Norns of Norse myth, for example,
represented by the rune Wyrd).
Representing the outer bound of
self, potential, or knowability, they
present the idea of a spare
principle of utter limitation to
human identity, within which all
that one is is fundamentally finite.

Notions beyond this may relate to
"many worlds"; that is a
multiplicity of self or binding
against linearity or the
"worminess" of self, towards
traversal of time as a landscape
as real as simple structures, e.g.
realization that the life of self is
not sand, and time has nothing to
do with determination or

self-nature; conceptually time may
be an axis perpendicular to time;
thus in effect infinity passes in
less than a nanosecond; the only
motive for time is theft.


in connection with fate, wall, and
chains, a woven structure
presents a dimensionalism (that is
the layering of reality) as
consisting of a complex
interdependence or interrelation
corresponding by law which may
not be implicit in self (or
constituent elements) yet is
bound up both in the impetus of
self, the hierarchy of a larger
reality, and forms of binding
between aspects of self and world
or world and other worlds; as
much as self is not defined
according to the measure or form
of a given world, it both insists on
greater significance and denies

the order within which it was
originally implicated; thus there is
a grave risk in defining
self-dimension apart from
world-dimension, because this
implies an active role within which
the self defines to a large extent
the nature of his or her world;
while the creative role of artists
and writers asks for a broader
significance, it is deceptively only
through adopting a pithy symbolic
relation that is experientially
prohibitive; thus, while the keys to
a larger world are often the
nearest relation, they have an
inhibitive role of providing a map
to a terrain that to a large extent
may be unavailable.
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