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The Impossible Machine
MOTIST POETRY: Iteration and Abbreviations
Motist poetry is a new concept, a
concept that is still developing,
which is based upon the use
essentially of categories and

The simplest (I would say
deceptively simple) is simply to
use the last letter of every word in
another poem, preferably a poem
where incredible attention has
been paid to the whole.

Another way, which I have just
recently conceived, is to use
categories in a standardized
manner to reach for further
"iterations" of truth, through
redefining parts of previous lines
in terms of a new definition that is
closer to the core of the intent.

Poems fitting these two definitions
of Motist verse will appear at left
as I make them.

The first category is "abbreviated
verse", while the second is
"iterative" or "categorical" verse.
Like most forms of poetry, it can be
produced on a very amateur or on
a more masterly level depending
on skill.

Yet under strict aesthetic values,
they may be as difficult as sonnets.
It depends on the perfection of the
form, which as I see it is still

Abbreviation 1 (Learning)
Poems are copyright
2001-2007 Nathan
Coppedge (pen name
Eucaleh Terrapin)