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It is possible to move away from the larger questions of metaphysics.
But, according to a rule of the formulitics, we always still remain situated
'somewhere'. We cannot just escape reality.

This is even true for the abstract.

Therefore, it may be possible to formulate an original idea of a discipline
which relates simultaneously with the abstract and the mundane.

It is what I call 'the materialism of ideas': METEM-PHYSICS.

Metemphysics comes from a word meaning 'middle' and a word meaning
'substance' or 'nature'.

So metemphysics literally means 'middle nature' or 'the science of

Metemphysics is a new discipline which confronts metaphysical and
physical questions, each with the type or rigor that one would normally
associate with the other.

Metemphysics promises to provide occasional insights on the true
intellectual properties of matter---the higher sense of an object, the ideal
sense of reality, the deeper truth of nature.

It requires both physical and metaphysical knowledge, and often may
combine categories which emerge from both.

For example, if religion is determined to be idealistic, and matter is
determined to be meaningful, then a metem-physicist would say that the
logical deduction is to seek an idealistic meaning. Thus, objective
properties are lent to a condition which is otherwise intractable.

Another example compares two categories from each subject, one for
physics, and one for metaphysics.

Physics is determined to be material and immaterial, and metaphysics is
determined to be real and unreal. Now a categorical deduction
concludes that the metem-physical truth is that material reality is
immaterially unreal, and the material fantasy is immaterially real.

No other context will be quite so just with such just terms on the subject.