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The Impossible Machine
Clairovoyance, the ability to
directly perceive things
beyond the reach of ordinary
senses, or know for certain
what some would say could
not be known, is closely
related to a variety of what I
will call "notions", since they
are not strictly symbols
although in many respects
they are important symbols:
the third eye, divination,

prophecy, astral projection,
innate ideas, archetypal
objects, etc.
The third eye, as depicted in the drawing, has been conceived as the most
physical aspect of a supernatural intuition capable of perceiving key fates,
events, or conditions as though they were objects, even if they are not
directly perceivable to any other sense.

Although there is not always a one-to-one correspondence, the third eye is
closely related to the notion of a "sixth sense". In popular culture the sixth
sense often relates to events in-the-moment, how an individual may react
instinctively as though with a secret knowledge of events that would
otherwise remain unknowable.

The typical example is that women have a sixth sense
for knowing the identity of the person on the other end of the phone,
before picking up. A more extreme case would be knowing where to find
someone without being told their schedule, or knowing the far-reaching
consequences of mundane behaviors such as buying fruit.

Moving beyond the ordinary conception
of a sixth sense,

prophecy such as that implemented by the famous prognosticator
Nostradamus is the ability to predict events of cultural, historical,
or political significance. A prophet is often seen as having a
spiritual role as a messenger of the grand cosmic plan, as
reflected in Biblical texts involving prophets, the Apocalypse, etc.

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A drawing showing the location of the third eye,
according to mystical traditions.