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The Impossible Machine
Stars are well known as one of the most
complicated geometric shapes, and difficult to draw.
Their spiritual value is equally complex, and might be
regarded as reflecting the presence of a number of
equally combined elements equal to the number of
points. The symbolism of their unity is reflected in the
geometry of the figure that emerges in the center.

Value 5 (5 Lines)
5 Crossing points

Transforms to Star 1


Value 6 (6 Lines)
6 Crossing points

Transforms to Star 2 or reverses to
Star 0


Value 7 (7 Lines)
7 Crossing points

Transforms to Star 3 or reverses to
Star 2
star 0
star 1
star 2
Note how the number of major crossing points is always equal to the
number of lines. Stars also have the special feature of secondary
crossing points at the tips of the points of the star.

Seven sided and greater stars have secondary points in the center
where the sides of the points cross before meeting the major
crossing points. Spiritually, this seems to reflect that the elements
being combined must create intermediate elements in order to
inter-relate, or must conceive of a form of subset order analogous to
interface, government, diplomacy, or a forum or meeting place.