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The Impossible Machine
Since the age of Euclid geometry has been a
common referrant for higher spiritual truths.

For the most part however, true spiritual
revelation has been relegated to a few small
"mystery schools" that won't give guidance to the
average devoted seeker.

Partly because of the frustration of finding a
community, I have been forced to develop
associations which

are ostensibly original, yet which from their
simplicity of form owe much to traditions which
must be surmised as timeless.

At left are links to a number of different polygons,
ordered according to the number of lines passing
through them, in such a way that only symmetrical
forms are valid.

When it is necessary to make an asymmetrical step,
the step is skipped, and the next one is valid (since
two lines can always create a symmetry, so far as
there are remaining moves).

In the future I will add other related geometric
patterns. Eventually I will reach for interpretations
in terms of the number of lines, line segments, and
the relationship between the total number of lines
(including the lines of the perimeter of the polygon)
and other related shapes.

Then it may be possible to create a hierarchy in
which patterns may be found

shapes of one kind and another, according to their
Orders of Circle
Orders of Triangle
Orders of Square
Orders of Hexagon
Orders of Crosses
Orders of Star
Orders of Pentagon
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