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Perhaps the fact that energy
transfers at all will someday
be cited as proof that energy
can be created. Maybe there
is a second energy that is
not velocity, but volition…
i.e. the ability to have a
certain interaction at all

—an analog value
independent of location,
energy level, timeframe, etc.
There might be some
interactions that are only
perceptible on the volitional

a level of categorical differences. Perceiving these
differences would not depend on noticing the interactions of
the materials that mix—but rather the materials that do not
mix, or the state of a given object or particle as it relates to
the potential to interact with other specific substances, or
categories of substances (both macro and micro).

For example, if there is a certain property to being in the
middle of a rock, we could say it is less prone to moisture, less
prone to be exposed to the air, etc. As a result, those
volitional values would be approximately 0, a condition that
could change depending on the possible interactions the
object could have—e.g. a value could be given of Volition 1 in
2 seconds, or the like.

On a much more complex level, Volition 2 could be given to
the same object, or the remainder of the object, repeating the
same circumstance; Volition 2 in 24 hours, or 900 years or
whatever. A perpetual motion machine is then simply a
situation in which Volition increments at a regular rate, with no
loss of potential incrementation, so that energy may be
extracted. Hmm, if the brain is material, then our concepts are
also material…(such as volition)

There may be such a thing as LOCATIONAL VOLITION within a
locational context, e.g. a horse on the merry-go-round returns
to approx. the same point over the grass (depends on energy,
whether it is volitional energy or not), but there may also be
volitional energy, which is specifically energy which does
nothing other than return a specified thing to a specified
previous state in which it has the same potential.

The way I see it, volitional energy is something quite apart
from gross energy gain and loss, e.g. if high energy input
produces enough volitional energy to return an object to its
volitional location, the same energy need not be inputed again.

There has been a loss of gross energy according to
conventional physics, friction still applies, gravity of course
still exists, but the volitional energy has been maintained,
much like a series of upright dominoes.

Instead of slowing down and reversing
course like a ball rolling

uphill, or the trajectories of Newton’s proverbial cannon balls,
the dominoes will keep going as long as there are more lined
up, as evidenced by domino champs who string them for
hundreds of feet. The chain reaction of dominoes is an
example of volitional energy, a special case in which the end
can return to the beginning with equal energy. Resetting the
dominoes, or creating a situation in which they reset
themselves, is really a separate problem.





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