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The Impossible Machine
There are historic accounts, fables, mythologies
involving golems of the earth made out of metals,
clay, wood, or bone, and elementals of the air,
water, and fire that would follow the command of a
sorcerer or arcane cleric.

Because the notion of life within the elements is so
profound, and even in these times we see that
energy is a basis for life, I find that golems and
elementals serve to represent
forces that are

active in life, whether or not we consciously realize

Metaphorically, poets summon wind by "inspiring"
other poets, and breathe their language in a
refreshing breeze over audiences.

Engineers, architects, carpenters, sculptors, and
craftsman of all kinds give a kind of life to metals
and woods by constructing bridges and buildings,
carving, sanding, and chipping at the stone.

The materials gain a kind of significance to us that
they did not have before the work was done.

Chemists and cooks combine ingestibles as though
they mixed as liquids, forming new concoctions,
infusions, and mixtures. The result is something to
immerse oneself in, with new properties, as though
someone added salt to the cooking pot.

Where hearts, hatred, or transformation are
involved, there is a fire of emotions, anger, or rapid
change. Love, war, and progress all seem to
depend on flames.

Overall, the elements serve as a foundation for
understanding how life itself is divided into
different properties, characters, and attitudes.
Each reflects something meaningful and useful,
and has its own beauty, flaws, and magic.

Entries on specific elements will be appearing soon.